Monday, June 30, 2008


So I'm really disliking this period of my life that I'm in right now. It's like I'm in limbo just waiting for things to happen, or things are happening and I'm not part of them. It's a rather hard thing to explain. Hopefully once school starts I can get into a nice routine that I will be happy with. I am excitied though because today I got my room and roommate assignment. Although I'm not in the dorm that I wanted, I am in a brand new building which is less than 1/2 a mile from the main campus block. The dorm that I wanted is on the main campus block. But the more I looked into my dorm building the happier I became about it. I am only having one roommate as opposed to two or three. We have our own bathroom and I will get my own sink. So there are some upsides. Also better parking because of where my college is the parking is really bad and hard to find. So I'm just trusting that God has put me in that dorm room in that building for a reason and I just have to trust Him!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm in this weird and lovely frustration period. First of all my job. I really do enjoy my job, but they keep scheduling me on days that I really can't work on, like Sundays which is when I go to church. I talked to my boss about it and He said that He wouldn't schedule me anymore but that my hours would probably be cut. I mean I understand but I've given him 5 and even 6 if He needs to schedule me, and I'm available on any of those days at any time. I'm just so frustrated. Secondly, school. I need money and I don't know where it's coming from. I realize that it isn't really any one's fault but my own, but I'm still frustrated about what to do. I guess it'll all work out, but in the meantime I'm still going to be frustrated.

Monday, June 23, 2008


In the past couple of days I have gotten three new cds and I haven't had to pay for any of them. First, I was at Wal.Mart with my mother and I got the old Carrie Underwood cd Some Hearts which I love and I've been wanting it forever so that was cool. And then I got 2 free cds from a radio station. They sent me an email and told me to pick my top 2 out of their list I guess in case they run out of one before they get my email or something. So I was only expecting one but they sent me both of them which is really cool. So I got the new Caedmon's Call cd Overdressed and Hillsong Live Mighty to Save. So yeah it's pretty cool getting free stuff!! New music is awesome. I'm working on my sis's vest on the knitting front, and hopefully I can get it done before I leave for school but I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Oh there are so many right now!
This is all I have done so far, just the bacFirst there is my sister's Bryant Slipover from Interweave Knits (sorry I don't remember what issue). I can't wait to see how it looks when I'm done!

I'm also working on the Bleeding Heart Stole also from Interweave Knits, but this is from Spring 2008. I'm really happy with it and very excited to see how it looks when I'm farther along. I started it on Friday and this is about all I've been doing all weekend.

I participated in a swap a while back on Ravely and I totally forgot to post what I got on here. My swap buddy was awesome!! I love everything that she sent me.
She sent me everything in a cute little bag with a Chinese print. Two sizes of index cards which I'm sure will be useful next semester at FC. A journal and pencil pouch, a case of paper clips and those little paper grippers, some tea, and an apple cozy. Which I love it's my new favorite thing. I actually showed it to some non knitter friends and they kinda looked at me like I was crazy, but I love it. I think it's the cutest!

Oh and Memorial Weekend I didn't have to work, so my family and I went down to the town where my college is at. Here are some pictures from the school.

This is the main courtyard area that leads to the lobby.

The ceiling of the lobby.

Part of the Campus.

It's gorgeous down there and I can't wait until September so I can move there. Anyway so that's about all. I have been thinking about trying my hand at spinning. Any thoughts? My mom already bought a drop spindle, I did buy some wool but I don't think it's going to work right. I might need to go and buy something else from my lys or maybe online.