Thursday, September 25, 2008


It's so pretty right now. It is totally fall weather right now. I love it. However it makes me slightly mad because I know that in a couple days it will go right back to hot weather. But I'm just going to enjoy the weather for now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I think my Dorm Room is Making me Sick

That's right my dorm room is making me sick I'm convinced. Well really I don't truly believe that but it is crazy cold. I actually wore flannel pants and a hoodie last night and I never do that not even in the winter at home. I'm going to the store today after I'm done with classes to get some medicine. I think it's really just allergies though, or maybe a combination. I don't know but it's really cold. Classes are going well. I have my first real speech on Monday and it's on Happiness...I'm really not happy about it. I love my U.S. History class my professor is so good. I also like my other history classes but my U.S. History is the best. Oh so another political shout out I guess. I must say all of the comparison of inexperience between Palin and Obama is driving me crazy. First of all I would say that yes Obama probably has more experience than Palin on national and international issues, but Obama is running for President and Palin is not. Palin is running for Vice President. Therefore it is not a very good argument in my opinion. Besides Palin does have John McCain to I guess teach her, and I guess the same argument can be made for Biden. Anyway that is getting on my nerves when I read articles or watch the news (which I don't do that often because I don't have a TV). I guess that's it for now. I haven't really been knitting much, but I've been working on my sister's Bryant's Slipover so I'm about half way done with the waist shaping which is good. Oh and the new Knitty is out and I love it, there are some things I just have to knit from it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I don't think I've ever talked about politics on here before but right now I'm so very frustrated that I have to write about it. Today I had a class about Women in American History. I pretty much knew that going into this that it was going to be a very liberal feminist class. I mean I'm all for women's rights but there are somethings that I don't agree with. So of course Governor Sarah Palin came up. Okay here is the thing I don't think anybody really likes her in that class. Some of the things that they talk about are that she is either going to be a bad mother or a bad VP or do a half okay job on both. I think that she can do both. Be a great mother and a great VP, because here is the thing if her husband was running for VP nobody would ask those questions. Also, her abortion stance in right on in my opinion. I realize that people disagree and this is the United States of America we are allowed to disagree. I believe in the sanctity of life so to me abortion is never right. Also her pregnant daughter, apparently this is a huge issue. My view on that, there is only so much a parent can do to hopefully prevent their teenager from getting pregnant. Even if her mom had been a say stay-at-home mom her daughter could have still gone out and gotten pregnant. I mean I know well not personally but I know of Christian girls that have gotten pregnant outside of marriage. Oh and it was mentioned in my class today that Evangelical Christians may not vote for Palin because of the belief that a man should be the head of the household and not be up front leaders in church. Which is a slightly untrue statement, I believe that women should not be preachers however I do believe that women are necessary in leadership especially to lead other women. Trust me my church has tons of women leaders. Anyway I wish I had said this but James Dobson is as far as I know completely behind Palin. Therefore if Dobson is behind her than Evangelica Christians take that into consideration more than the argument about women being leaders in church. With all that I think Palin is awesome and could do great things for this nation. I hope this post makes some kind of sense. Oh and for history I'm reading Thomas Paine's Common Sense which I kind of feel is appropriate right now LOL.


I am now at college and I absolutely love it here!! I have 3 history classes which I'm so happy about because that is my major. I am also taking a political science class as well as speech. I'm really not to happy about speech, but I have to take it. Here are some pictures of what my mom calls my "not normal dorm room"

My bed

My desk area

My spiffy ceiling light

the view from my room (it's one of our 2 courtyards)

my fruit plate that my mom thinks is adorable

Some of these places look different now because I have been here for about 5 days now and have some more stuff like I just got some more posters yesterday plus my school books. But I'm having so much fun. I haven't really been knitting because I forgot my Bryant Slipover pattern at home. I can't decide what I want to start right now so I'm kind of waiting. Other than that things are going good and now I have to do some reading.