Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Life

My life has been insane lately. With all of my school work I've barely had time to do anything but study, sleep, and eat, with not much sleep. However, school is done until fall and to be honest I'm not very happy about that. I truly wasn't ready to leave school I just wanted new classes. I am taking a WWII from the American Perspective class next semester that I am really excited about since WWII is my favorite time period to study and I would like to focus my history studies. So now with the summer I am starting an internship in May at the MOSH where I will basically be working with artifacts and inventorying what the museum has I am really excited about it as I am thinking of going into that field as I do not want to teach history which is what everyone always asks me.
Anyway so I know that this post is very random but I also wanted to share what I have finished on the knitting front. Over Easter break I finally finished my sister's vest and it turned out really well and she got a ton of compliments from her friends about it which made me very happy! After all I've been working on it for about a year.

Now I'm working on a lace shawl and so far I love it! I also have been working on multiple dishcloths and am probably going to be giving a bunch of them to a friend who is about to get married.
Let me talk about my wonderful morning yesterday. I share a room with my sister at home and yesterday morning around 6:30 am I was in my bed sleeping and my sister was getting ready for school and our entire closet collapses. The shelf and bar just collapsed and woke me up. I jumped up in bed, I thought that it was our computers falling off our little table. I was so annoyed and I couldn't go back to sleep so I was very very annoyed. Anyway so that was my morning.
I realize that this post is a bit disjointed and completely random, however this is what my life is about LOL.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

In honor of this day I thought I would post some youtube videos I found that really demonstrate what this season is all about.
The first one was shone in my church in Saint Augustine last Sunday and I loved it

This second video is a song by Tree63 just called Sunday! I love it!

I hope you liked them. Happy Easter