Monday, October 19, 2009

It's About That Time

There comes a point in every college students semester where they just get into a funk. I am at that point. Everything has piled up into the same week and well I'm just there. I need a vacation, but my school doesn't have vacations it's pretty much one of the only draw backs though. I can't explain this time right now I'm anxious and in a funk really that's all there is to it. I am trying to rely on God though and it helps but my mind tells me that it's not. However I just try to keep focusing on God and this particular verse has been helping me out for the past few days. Philippians 4:6-7 "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hears and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Friday, August 28, 2009


I moved back into Flagler yesterday. I am so glad to be back! I moved into a different dorm entirely so it's been interesting getting used to the way things are over in this dorm. I have a fabulous roommate who is just awesome! We get along great and in a sense were practically roommates last year I spent so much time in her room last year. I am an orientation leader so I was able to move in 4 days early which was so nice since there was no where near the traffic and chaos there will be on Saturday when all the Freshman move in. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. It's a bit strange to be on a practically empty campus but I kinda like having it to myself, it's fun. Classes start in 6 days and I'm excited but not at the same time, after all it is class. Soon I will be finishing up a post about what I did this summer working at the Museum of Science and History. Which was a ton of fun and I have really cool pictures and stuff to share.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer 2009

So summer 2009 has ended...a long time ago but I haven't had a chance to post about my summer yet so here it goes. I hate summer it's way to long and I miss everyone at school also I just can't handle not being in class for 4 months it's way to boring. However one thing that has not been boring this summer was working at the MOSH. At the MOSH I interned with the history curator and was able to work not only in the collections room, but I also was able to create my own exhibits! It was so much fun and I learned a lot about museum work. This is now my official plan once I graduate from Flagler to immediately make my way to an institution with a graduate program in museum studies where I will most likely focus my history on American Studies and then learn all aspects of curatorship. So I though I would share some pictures of the work that I did at the MOSH because a blog post without pictures is well...boring.

This is some of the stuff we have in the collections room...I spent a lot of time in here organizing and cataloging stuff

This is one of the exhibits I helped create it's war bonds and ration cards with a couple posters as well.

This is the case on women. The dolls are probably my favorite. They are Madame Alexander WAC and WAVES dolls and they are just adorable.

This case has artifacts from NAS Jax during World War II. It's really cool.

This case is about is about the homefront, we put different stuff in here including a life magazine article about victory gardens, the little red and white flag with the blue star is an original flag that a family used to indicate that one of their family members was in the war. There are also gas masks an adult and a child in case of an attack.

This is an American Red Cross sock kit from the 1940s, I really wanted to make socks out of this yarn, I thought it would be so cute...but alas it's an artifact and such, but still really cool.

This is the 1950s house where I probably spent at least 2 weeks inventorying and rearranging. We put these manaquins down there this summer and I think they are really funny, they kind of freaked me out at first because we put them in about a month after I started so it was kinda weird with them being in there but I like them alot.
Well this is what I did this summer. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait to have more internships!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Our beautiful dog Lucky died this past week. As you can see he lived on our front porch and I used to joke that this was our redneck dog because of that. We found him as a stray when we lived in Louisiana and had him for over 10 years. He was the best dog anyone could have. He loved people and was just so sweet. It was hard to watch him go, but he was definitely sick, I'm not sure with what, but we knew that something was wrong. I'll miss his perky little face when I drive up to the house, and the lovely way he kept door to door people from actually getting up to our door! But it was great to have him as a dog and I know that he is not in pain anymore. It's sad but we are moving on maybe one day we'll get another dog just as sweet, but for now we are once again petless.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing Up and Moving On

So I've noticed that what everyone has told me about life and friends has started to come true. I've noticed that some of my high school friends are drifting away and we don't have as much in common anymore and are not keeping in touch as much. I swore this would never happen, but it is as I'm becoming so close with many of my new college friends and love spending time with them. The funny thing about this whole process is that I don't really mind it as much as I thought I would. I'm okay with this process and I'm seeing it as part of growing up. Now don't get me wrong I'm a little sad about it, but I guess I've accepted it and am ready to move on and embrace my new life!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have officially started my summer jobs. My first one and probably my favorite is that I am interning at the local history and science museum in the collections department going through and reorganizing the Pre-Colombian collection AKA Mayan pottery and other related things. I also am responsible for the care of one of the exhibits making sure that there aren't any lights out or signs aren't knocked over. Also in the care of the exhibit I also get to clean all of the snotty and fingerprinted glass which isn't the most fun thing but I will get to spend a lot of time in there and I like it in there so it's all good. I really thing that museum work is the field I'm interested in pursuing. However, I've only been there for a week so I'm not totally convinced yet but I like the work so maybe that is what I will do once I graduate from college. I also have started working again at the craft store I worked at last year and over Christmas break. This is good because my internship doesn't pay me anything and I need to make money so that I can pay for my Europe trip next summer, which I'm very excited about!! I can't even contain my excitement sometimes. So this is basically what I have been doing for the past week working at my two summer jobs and then making dinner if I'm home at night.

I have also started several new knitting projects. One is for me, my lace shawl I mentioned in my last post, a shawl I started on around Christmas time for my aunt which is coming along, and then a pretty lace scarf for a college friend (it's going to be a surprise ). Well that's about it I hope that you have a great weekend and hopefully I'll update again soon with pictures :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Life

My life has been insane lately. With all of my school work I've barely had time to do anything but study, sleep, and eat, with not much sleep. However, school is done until fall and to be honest I'm not very happy about that. I truly wasn't ready to leave school I just wanted new classes. I am taking a WWII from the American Perspective class next semester that I am really excited about since WWII is my favorite time period to study and I would like to focus my history studies. So now with the summer I am starting an internship in May at the MOSH where I will basically be working with artifacts and inventorying what the museum has I am really excited about it as I am thinking of going into that field as I do not want to teach history which is what everyone always asks me.
Anyway so I know that this post is very random but I also wanted to share what I have finished on the knitting front. Over Easter break I finally finished my sister's vest and it turned out really well and she got a ton of compliments from her friends about it which made me very happy! After all I've been working on it for about a year.

Now I'm working on a lace shawl and so far I love it! I also have been working on multiple dishcloths and am probably going to be giving a bunch of them to a friend who is about to get married.
Let me talk about my wonderful morning yesterday. I share a room with my sister at home and yesterday morning around 6:30 am I was in my bed sleeping and my sister was getting ready for school and our entire closet collapses. The shelf and bar just collapsed and woke me up. I jumped up in bed, I thought that it was our computers falling off our little table. I was so annoyed and I couldn't go back to sleep so I was very very annoyed. Anyway so that was my morning.
I realize that this post is a bit disjointed and completely random, however this is what my life is about LOL.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

In honor of this day I thought I would post some youtube videos I found that really demonstrate what this season is all about.
The first one was shone in my church in Saint Augustine last Sunday and I loved it

This second video is a song by Tree63 just called Sunday! I love it!

I hope you liked them. Happy Easter

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So there hasn't really been that much to talk about lately. I've been updating a lot with Twitter though. I just have been crazy busy with school and haven't been able to sit down and write a blog post about well my random life :) Well school is about to be done in less than 30 days which is a relief from the school end, but makes me kinda sad and depressed because I'm going to miss everyone here at school so much especially my roomie. We've gotten a long so great this past semester and I couldn't have asked for a better roomie. I also have been very busy with school as I've alluded to but it's winding down which also means that there is about two months of work packed into one. I have about 3 papers left to write this semester but they are all huge. One paper is 15 pages and the other paper is 10 pages. I'm not looking forward to writing them. But everything has been going pretty well. I'm super excited because this weekend my little sister Amy is coming to stay a weekend at college with me and I can't wait for her to get to meet everyone down here and the added bonus that everyone is staying here this weekend and not going home makes it better so she'll get to meet everyone!

I actually haven't been knitting that much which makes me sad. I've been to busy. I am almost done with Amy's vest which she is excited about as am I since I've been working on the thing for about a year. I can't wait to see her wear it as it's really cute. I've also been working on some discloths for a friend who is getting married in May!

I did go home last weekend for my "spring blink" it was so much fun. I relaxed a little bit and hung out with some good friends. I also bought a new dress (for easter) and a super cute pair of brown wedges from payless! It was spectacular. I also got a dress in that I had ordered from Old Navy that is this really bright but pretty coral color and I can't wait to wear it!

Alrighty well I'm off to read about the Irish Gaelic Revival for my class so I can write a paper on it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Oh school how I loathe thee a little bit. you've been kicking my but lately and it's just a bit annoying. However, I know that I will be sad once you are done for the semester, so I'll just keep plugging along without trying to go to insane!

So yes this is my life lately. I have so much to do and so little time. And then I procrastinate by writing on my blog, twittering, facebooking, you name it and I do it. However school is going pretty well, but we are at the point in the semester where teachers are like oh yeah you need to have a test/quiz/paper due and they decide to do them all at the same time! That's my life.

Another thing I've been doing lately is a Bible Study with my church down here. I was in it part of last semester as well. However, we are studying the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. And let me tell you it is awesome!! I have learned so much in the last 3 weeks about myself and why I do the things that I do. It's been amazing so far. I highly recommend every teenage girl, young woman, and every woman really to buy this book and read it. It will change your life!

Alrighty well I am going to go and enjoy my ICEE while studying for my test and quiz tomorrow because I have procrastinated on here enough.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Last night, I went with a group from my sunday school class to the one and only homeless shelter to make and serve dinner, in the town that I go to school in. It's called St. Francis house. For one thing it is a tiny shelter and to see how many people came through there for food was very humbeling. They actually had to come in shifts. So anyway while I did have fun, I also was overcome with a sense of being completly grateful and thankful to God that he has provided for me and my family the way He has over the years. I mean there were kids in there that were my age. Like I can't imagine being homeless at my age and having to rely on a homeless shelter for my meal. I don't know I have been just thinking about it since last night and thanking God. Because really whose to say that one day, in this economy, that could be me. I pray to God that it won't be, but it could happen. And last night while I was sitting in my nice and warm comfortable dorm room I was just pondering about all of the homeless people here in town and also my hometown. Going out and serving others just makes me so much more grateful and thankful to God. So that's all I just wanted to share that and encourage everyone to go out and serve somewhere and make a difference.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back at School

Well winter break is over and I'm back at school for my spring semester. I have a new roommate, and she is fabulous we get along so well. My classes are pretty interesting I'm taking History since 1877, with a professor that I love; History of Ireland, with the professor who happens to be my advisor so that's kinda cool; Middle East: WWI to present, the professor is really old and it should be an interesting class we have to do role play debates which I'm not really fond of but I'm sure that it will be okay; Comparative Politics, with a very cool professor who is actually from Britain; and Cultural Anthropology, I'm thinking of picking up anthropology as a minor because I have so much free time class requirements wise. I didn't get as much knitting done over the break as I wanted to because I worked so much. However, I did start over on my sister's Bryant Slipover vest so that now it will probably fit her and I also started a new scarf for myself out of Bernat Natural Alpaca blend in a pretty charcol gray color. It's super soft and I love it. I guess that is all for now. It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day so I don't have classs which is nice I got to sleep in.