Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time to Explore

Grad School has definitely put a damper into my blog writing. I think it's been over a year since I last updated, and I am feeling like there is a need for a change in direction. Working in museums over this last year where I have learned more and more about what good interpretation and informal learning looks like. In addition, I have been consistently asked what can museums do better, and how would I possibly change what museums are doing now. So this blog will probably get incredibly nerdy.

Of course the consequence of being in grad school for museum work means that I don't actually go to museums all that frequently. Life has a way of distracting you, and making you not want to spend even more time in a museum. However, there are some exhibits that I have been looking forward to opening, and I'm planning to go to during my winter break.

Food: Transforming the American Table, 1950-2000 at the National American History Museum
This exhibit contains Julia Child's kitchen (which I love) as one of the centerpieces. Check out the website

One Life: Amelia Earhart at the National Portrait Gallery
I have always loved Amelia Earhart, I guess being the daughter of a pilot will do that! In addition this exhibition also appears to have artifacts in addition to the various portraits!
The website 

A Will of their Own: Judith Sargent Murray and Women of Achievement in the Early Republic at the National Portrait Gallery
I just happened upon this by looking at the NPG website. The hilarious part is that my final project for my Historic Site Interpretation Class revolved around this very topic! Check out the website

While I am sure that I could add more, I find it bet when I limit myself to a couple exhibits, otherwise I get overwhelmed and can't concentrate on the various elements I've now been trained to notice. I'm really excited for this semester of school to be over, and hope that this break allows me to explore some new exhibitions!