Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This has been a fun and rather eventful/different Christmas.
With a lot of changes and various situations my family has gone through in the past few months it was a bit different. But it was still a great day and I feel like this was the best day of family time that we've had in a long time which was really nice after a very long and stressful semester.
However, as always I remember what the true meaning of Christmas is all about and will enjoy being in my home church tomorrow morning with my family. Hope you had a great Christmas as well and here's to a happy new year!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret Santa

As a history major at a small liberal arts college it is really easy to have a bunch of classes with certain people. Well there is a core group of 5 that have become really close especially this past semester so we decided to have a secret santa since we can't afford to buy everyone a gift! We exchanged gifts tonight and I got the best gift from my good friend Melissa. Out of the 5 we have spent the most time together and know each other really well. As a history major and future museum curator I love old stuff! In fact last weekend we all went antiquing together. I have always wanted kitchen type stuff, but since I don't have my own kitchen I really didn't want to buy kitchen stuff. So instead Melisssa got me some for Christmas and it's all so cute I love it!!

The best thing are these milk bottles in the crate! They are sitting on my bedside table cubes and I am planning to go out and get some sort of flowers to stick in them! They are my favorite part.

I also got this sign that tells you how to make a lattice top cherry pie which I think is just so adorable. It is also pink which as everyone should know I love!!

A vintage potato masher that although i never intend to use will look adorable hanging on the wall one day.

And finally this vintage dish towel which is so cute!

I will be spending the rest of my evening chugging some Diet Coke and studying this.

The lovely GRE which I will be retaking on Monday. Although I am dreading it, I do feel slightly more prepared this time, hopefully my score will reflect that!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am officially a college graduate. Last week I graduated from Flagler College with a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Political Science. It was a really fun day and I was so glad I was able to spend it with family and good friends. It is really weird to know that I am done and do not have to go to school anymore and is going to require an extreme amount of adjustment. Even though I plan to go to Grad School, I still have about 7 months of free time. I am in the process of working on and finishing up my grad school applications as well as studying for the GRE which I am taking on Monday. However, I have enjoyed the opportunity to sleep in and do things I haven't had the time to do in a while (like laundry). Enjoy the picture movie, they aren't all great pictures but they are fun and give you a little taste of my graduation.

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