Thursday, March 26, 2009


So there hasn't really been that much to talk about lately. I've been updating a lot with Twitter though. I just have been crazy busy with school and haven't been able to sit down and write a blog post about well my random life :) Well school is about to be done in less than 30 days which is a relief from the school end, but makes me kinda sad and depressed because I'm going to miss everyone here at school so much especially my roomie. We've gotten a long so great this past semester and I couldn't have asked for a better roomie. I also have been very busy with school as I've alluded to but it's winding down which also means that there is about two months of work packed into one. I have about 3 papers left to write this semester but they are all huge. One paper is 15 pages and the other paper is 10 pages. I'm not looking forward to writing them. But everything has been going pretty well. I'm super excited because this weekend my little sister Amy is coming to stay a weekend at college with me and I can't wait for her to get to meet everyone down here and the added bonus that everyone is staying here this weekend and not going home makes it better so she'll get to meet everyone!

I actually haven't been knitting that much which makes me sad. I've been to busy. I am almost done with Amy's vest which she is excited about as am I since I've been working on the thing for about a year. I can't wait to see her wear it as it's really cute. I've also been working on some discloths for a friend who is getting married in May!

I did go home last weekend for my "spring blink" it was so much fun. I relaxed a little bit and hung out with some good friends. I also bought a new dress (for easter) and a super cute pair of brown wedges from payless! It was spectacular. I also got a dress in that I had ordered from Old Navy that is this really bright but pretty coral color and I can't wait to wear it!

Alrighty well I'm off to read about the Irish Gaelic Revival for my class so I can write a paper on it.