Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas at Mount Vernon

I was able to get the chance to go to Mount Vernon and see it decorated for the holidays. While in the 1790s they did not decorate like we think of Christmas decorations today. The decoration in the house was pretty much limited to evergreen bows over the windows, and the Christmas Camel on the lawn Aladdin. I just love going to Mount Vernon, and I now have an annual pass so I can go whenever I want!

The Thanksgiving Turkey

Aladdin the Christmas Camel

I love this house so much!

The Greenhouse

View of the Potomac from the Veranda

View of the Spinning Room. 

The Loom. G.W. was a huge proponent of homespun cloth for his Plantation. 

Mount Vernon in Gingerbread, Incredible!

Veranda View

It is so detailed, and looks exactly like the house!

One of my favorite spots. I can just picture the Washington family sitting out here, and watching the activity that passed by on the Potomac River. I am in awe when I stand here, and think about it. I'm so lucky to be able to go here whenever I want to. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Well I had a whirlwind end to the semester in December. All I can say is that it is over, and I survived the insanity. I was able to go home to Florida for a week and a half over Christmas. It was so wonderful to be home, and to see most of my amazing friends. I also got a Kindle for Christmas which is the only thing that I wanted! I really wanted to stay longer, but alas it was time to get back to the District, and my lovely job. I'm now in the midst of revamping my resume in the hopes that I can graduate to a real job at a museum anywhere.
Classes began on Tuesday, and so far I think I feel more comfortable this semester with the work load and with the type of work that I will be doing. I am taking Religion in American Culture, which will not only prove to be interesting. I also get to delve a little bit back into my Southern Religion books, and that is what I am most excited about. My life would be made if I could just study southern history, because that is where my history passion lies along with African-american history, and american women history. Hopefully I'll have more regular posts about my life here in the District and the few things I get to do for fun when I have time. I'm planning a Christmas at Mount Vernon post to be published shortly, get excited for a picture of the presidential pardoned turkey!