Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing Up and Moving On

So I've noticed that what everyone has told me about life and friends has started to come true. I've noticed that some of my high school friends are drifting away and we don't have as much in common anymore and are not keeping in touch as much. I swore this would never happen, but it is as I'm becoming so close with many of my new college friends and love spending time with them. The funny thing about this whole process is that I don't really mind it as much as I thought I would. I'm okay with this process and I'm seeing it as part of growing up. Now don't get me wrong I'm a little sad about it, but I guess I've accepted it and am ready to move on and embrace my new life!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have officially started my summer jobs. My first one and probably my favorite is that I am interning at the local history and science museum in the collections department going through and reorganizing the Pre-Colombian collection AKA Mayan pottery and other related things. I also am responsible for the care of one of the exhibits making sure that there aren't any lights out or signs aren't knocked over. Also in the care of the exhibit I also get to clean all of the snotty and fingerprinted glass which isn't the most fun thing but I will get to spend a lot of time in there and I like it in there so it's all good. I really thing that museum work is the field I'm interested in pursuing. However, I've only been there for a week so I'm not totally convinced yet but I like the work so maybe that is what I will do once I graduate from college. I also have started working again at the craft store I worked at last year and over Christmas break. This is good because my internship doesn't pay me anything and I need to make money so that I can pay for my Europe trip next summer, which I'm very excited about!! I can't even contain my excitement sometimes. So this is basically what I have been doing for the past week working at my two summer jobs and then making dinner if I'm home at night.

I have also started several new knitting projects. One is for me, my lace shawl I mentioned in my last post, a shawl I started on around Christmas time for my aunt which is coming along, and then a pretty lace scarf for a college friend (it's going to be a surprise ). Well that's about it I hope that you have a great weekend and hopefully I'll update again soon with pictures :)