Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Summer has begun for me. I am done with my Spring semester at Flagler. So far I have 3 B's and I think one A but it hasn't all been confirmed quite yet. I didn't do as well as I was really hoping this semester but it's better.
I've really enjoyed by internship this semester and I'm currently waiting to find out if it will turn into a job for the rest of my time in St. Augustine. It would really be awesome and I'm really anxious to find out and praying that I will be hired!
I will also be moving into my first apartment sometime in May. I'm really excited to be living with the 3 other girls that are sharing the apartment. It should be fun!
I also am really looking forward to my Europe trip in June! I'm trying to plan things and hopefully will be buying some stuff for my trip. But that is all I'm sure I'll have much more to talk about soon.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays everyone gets dressed in new clothes and heads to church to celebrate Christ's resurrection. I kinda realized today why we always get new clothes. Because it's a symbol of our newness in Christ and the spring season where things are new and fresh. Which may also be a reason why God chose this time of year to have Christ die to represent the new life that we can have through Jesus. Church was amazing this morning and I've missed my family so much and am glad to spend time with them. School is over in a few weeks and I have so much work to do so this is crunch time. I will be so glad when it's over! Happy Easter and I hope everyone remembers why we celebrate this wonderful holiday!