Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FO post

Finally, some new FOs to see. First up is the Debbie Bliss Shawl Collared Jacket (baby)
I think it turned out really cute. I haven't given it to the recipient yet because well I haven't see her fortunately the size is for a 12-18 month baby and the baby is only about 1 month old so I have a while.
Secondly, the Santa Cruz hat. I ended up giving this hat to my grandmother for Christmas. She actually liked, now whether she has or ever will wear it who knows but at least it was fun to knit. I might have to make myself one.

Finally, this is the yarn that I got for Christmas, it is for the Spring Shawl Surprise by Lul. I'm actually very sad right now because I have had to take a mini break from it so that I can get some school work done.

I really do like this yarn though. Its Jagerspun Zephr in the color Cassis. I am also working on a sweater for my sister. I'm sort of designing it myself so I decided to use a bunch of yucky acrylic yarn as a "test" sweater and then going and getting nice yarn later since the budget it pretty low right not. Well thats all for now I must study for Anatomy and then go to bed.