Thursday, October 7, 2010

What have I gotten myself into!

So I basically fail at blogging about Europe. I don't like to blog about it if I can't get the pictures up and Belgium pictures are the trickiest. It was a crazy day and they are just a bunch of random monument pictures. But I'm going to get them soon. However my life has been consumed by school this past month. Senior Seminar is in full swing and I'm working on my lovely topic, which I changed the focus of two days ago. I'm writing about Nurses and other Women who served in Vietnam during the war. I orgianally was going to focus on their involvement with Vietnamese civilians, but now I'm going to argue that Vietnam was a transitional war for women's roles in war kinda thing. Oh man I have no idea how exactly it's going to work yet. But it'll be fine in fact I think it will turn out better than before.
In other news I am taking the GRE on Saturday. I've been dreading it for months and now I am finally taking it. Unfortunatly I haven't really studied for it so I am hoping that I do well. I will be able to find out my score on two of the three sections right away because it is a computer based test so that is nice. I will know whether or not I need to take it again. I'm hoping for not, but I have a feeling that I will need to.
Other than that I've just been hanging out in between the mountains of school work. I started the Beth Moore Revelation study at church which is amazing and I'm super invovled with Fusion still. Hopefully I'll blog about Belgium and Germany soon!