Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well today was an errand/adventure day. I took the metro down to GWU and got my student id which is needed for everything! I then had lunch at J-Street, which is the dining facility on campus. Then I decided to check out the library. Oh man I'm in love with the library, there are so many books! 3 floors of books, plus a floor of periodicals, and study areas everywhere! I'm can't wait to use it. 
I then went on my way and decided to walk from GWU  to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial which is on the tidal pool. It was a super long walk but was well worth it! I walked by the Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial on my way to the MLK Jr Memorial. 
Lincoln Memorial

They are redoing the reflecting pool (hence now water) WWII Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol


Lincoln Memorial

I wasn't completely sure where I was going, but when I saw all this paraphernalia I knew I was heading in the right direction.

The memorial was really nice, and full of people. It is the opening week, and the official unveiling ceremony is on Sunday. I was walking around, and found it really moving that a bunch of people were on the phone talking to others who weren't there. These people seemed to be recounting many of their Civil Rights Movement era experiences, and it just reaffirmed that this memorial not only belongs on the National Mall, but how much this man, and the movement impacted people's lives. It was a great time.

The memorial is lined with some of his quotes, this one is about the Vietnam War.

View from the Memorial.

 I then walked a forever long way past the Washington Memorial, and finally ended up back at the metro. It took me forever to get back to the metro, because the MLK memorial is kind of in the middle of nowhere so it is quite a hike, and I was not wearing the right shoes! 

Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial

National Park: Floral Library

Jefferson Memorial

My Shoes! I walked 2.5 miles between GWU and the Smithsonian Metro Station

I finally came upon the Holocaust Museum and Bureau of Engraving and Printing building. So I quickly new exactly how to get to the Smithsonian Metro station which would take me right back to my station closest to home. 

Holocaust Museum is the closest building, and the big square one is the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 

 I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around downtown today. I really think that The District is the only city I could really live in. I was just thoroughly delighted today, and I think that God keeps giving me the gift of delighting in Him through where I am now! "The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." Psalm 37:23

Monday, August 22, 2011

Apartment Tour

I decided to go ahead and make a video tour of my apartment last night. There is much work still left to do on the common areas, but my room is basically all unpacked and even decorated minus a few items. I apologize if the video is terribly shaky, I obviously was walking around, and have never claimed to be the best videographer, especially with my little camera. Enjoy! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011


After drooling over various projects on Pinterest, I finally decided to make something that I saw on there. I saw a project for putting a decorative backing on a bookshelf and I knew that I already had the perfect bookshelf. I found my backing at Michaels for $1.80. It was vinyl shelf paper that was on sale. It was probably not the best thing to use, because it ended up getting a little messed up on the overlap part, but that is hidden by a shelf anyway so it wasn't a big deal. 
Bookshelf Before = boring

Supplies: Vinyl Shelf Paper, Rubber Cement and Scissors. I didn't really need the rubber cement, but I added a little bit to the corners and where the vinyl ended up overlapping in order to provide  a little extra hold. 

After! There are some bubbles and creases after applying the vinyl, but they aren't that noticeable especially with stuff on the shelf. 

After with shelves on. 

In my room with the books and random supplies. I really think it adds a little bit of color to my room. 

Close up of the backing. The pattern isn't really that noticeable because it's so light and small, but I think it's really cute. 

Once I have finished organizing and unpacking everything, as well as cleaning up the boxes I plan to do a little video tour of my new apartment! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have finally ventured out of my apartment! I decided to go downtown to my absolute favorite Smithsonian, and one I hope to work at one day. The National American History Smithsonian. Full of all things American from pop culture, wars, people, and presidents. It took me about an hour to get there. I left my apartment later than planned and after a 15 minute walk got onto the metro. From there it was maybe a 20 minute ride to the Smithsonian station. I then took a wrong turn out of the station and walked around the USDA building (an entire block) finally found my way to the Mall and found the building. By that time it was about 10:30am. I got a free map, and the woman asked me what I wanted to see. My answer: everything, and I did just that. I was in the Smithsonain until 6:30 ( a total of 8 hours) and I was exhausted afterwards! I completely fell even more in love with this new city that I lived in. I just love the fact that I can take a trip downtown and basically have a free day to wander around a museum for free!
Some of my favorite exhibits were of course Julia Child's Kitchen, The First Lady Exhibit, The American Presidency, and The Price of Freedom: Americans at War. But by far I think my favorite exhibit was For All The World To See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights. It combines two of my loves: history of the civil rights movement, and how media shaped and influenced it. That is what I love studying in addition to of course Women. I thought the easiest way to share my adventure was through some random pictures I took. I did see everything, but there are some items like the Civil Rights exhibit, and the Star Spangled Banner where for preservation reasons pictures are not allowed. Also I apposition for the quality of the pictures. I took them with the flash off (because I believe in conservation), and my camera died so I also used my phone.   Enjoy my favorite things at the Smithsonian. 

Lunch counter from Greensboro, N.C. where the first Civil Rights Movement sit-in occurred. 

Women factory workers during WWII

This is a shoe that a Chinese woman with bound feet would have worn. 

I thought it was funny that a van similar to what my family had when I was little is now in the Smithsonian.

Cartoon of the Scopes Monkey Trial. 

Atomic Fire balls, part of American after WWII and how the atomic bomb and plastics began to change and influence our lives. 

Modern 1950s kitchen, plastic is everywhere!

1950s living room.

The invention of "The Pill" I personally liked the header 

Julia's Kitchen 

Julia's copper pan wall!

Julia's cookbooks and videos

Another view of her kitchen. 

Me and Julia's Kitchen!

Vintage lace from the late 1700/1800s

A very blurry picture of one of Martha Washington's gowns. It still looks beautiful and pattern on the dress was actually hand painted! 

First Lady Michelle Obama's dress!

The Red Slippers! They are not as beautiful as they once were.

Fifinella! The WASPs mascot during WWII. 

Vietnam nurse

Vietnam nurse

Vietnam POW bracelets. People used to buy them, and each bracelet had a name of someone who was MIA/POW.

A piece of the World Trade Center from 9/11

Freedom of Americans to petition. Civil Rights Era

Vietnam War protesting poster.

March on Washington button. 

Votes for Women button. 

Hope you enjoyed this extremely long post about my recent adventure. More to come!