Monday, March 31, 2008

Long Time No See

So I haven't really had much to talk about lately, hence the no blogging. Well college is going pretty good right now, and I'm on Spring Break this week so very excited about that. Since the last post I now am employed at a local craft store which is very exciting so I now have a steady stream of income and I get yarn at a discount so thats very exciting!!!! I am working on several new projects and after a trip to my lys I now have some great new yarn. This is what I bought when I went to my lys last week

if your on ravelry you can see them individually (my screen name is luvbg89). The yarn in the center is Jitterbug colorway fire I love it dearly I think it is the beginning of my stash as I have no plans to knit it anytime soon its just to pretty. I have started a couple new projects the first is the Bryant's Slipover from Interweave. Its for my sister and I'm about half way done with the back right now.

I love this pattern and I can't wait to see if on my sister when it's finished. I have also started a gift for my swap buddy for the College Knitters Swap. I have to get that done this week during by spring break so that I can send it to her in mid April. This is my first swap and I'm really excited about it. Oh and the Spring Shawl has been put on hold for now. Maybe I'll have more time to concentrate on it in the summer. Those who have finished it have really inspired me to take up work on it again it's so pretty. But alas I have so much going on right now that I really can't get it all done. So for now my shawl is on the back burner but I am determined to finish it soon. Again back to school I was accepted into my dream school last week. I'm so so so happy and excited. Also a little bit worried because well its really expensive. It's a private college and it's pretty cheap as far as private colleges go but still it's expensive. Student Loans here I come. Well thats about it for now, hopefully I'll have more to post at the end of the week.