Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Hobbies

I'm knitting but I don't have pictures of that right now. However I am starting to pick up on an older, less proficient hobby of mine. Sewing. I come from a line of women who sew, I learned at a young age but I haven't sewn in forever. So I've decided to make a quilt. I know it's ambitious, but this quilt has been in the works for about 2 years and since I don't have school and I'm going off to college next year I figured it's about now or never. So today I started cutting it out. This is the pattern that I'm following

Of course I'm not using that fabric, even though that fabric is really cool. Instead this is some of the fabric I'm using

Manatees and Flamingos may seem a little weird, but for some odd reason I love manatees I think they are the cutest. And the flamingo fabric is so cute. Most of this fabric is from my tropical/Hawaiian phase. I was going to do my room tropical but I never did. I still love the bright tropical colors and the patterns to. Anyway so this is what I'm going to be working on during my summer break.

In other news, This is what I got my mom for mother's day

I bought her the cupcake stand and my sister made her the cupcakes. I think this is the first mother's day present I've ever bought for my mom. Oh and I bought her this awesome Gilmore Girls card from Hallmark. She loved it. So that's what is going on with me lately.