Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Moments of Fall

I originally wrote this post in November, but never got around to publishing it. So here is a look back to November.
I have experienced my first fall this season. I've absolutely loved it. I thought I would just share some images of fall I took on the way home from the metro the other day. It was a nasty day, but the leaves were everywhere. It was beautiful. This season has cemented my love of fall!

The City of Brotherly Love

 A few weeks ago I was able to go to Philadelphia to do research for a paper. I was able to do research as well as be a tourist as well. I had so much fun, and have fallen in love with Philly. I want to go back and spend more than a few hours. Regardless here are some pictures from my trip and I apologize for the overload.
Independence Hall. They are working on restoring the tower, and I think it is scheduled to be done soon. 
I don't remember what this is, but Philly has some gorgeous architecture. I love the pattern on the window above the door. 

If I remember correctly this is the building that the Philly/Independence National Park NPS Headquarters is located. 

Another architectural detail. 

An example of an English style garden? I just really loved this gazebo and pathway. 

I love the pattern on this gate. 

Part of "Bank Row" All of these buildings used to contain some of the first banks in Philly. Fortunately the buildings are still there!

This is the whole reason why I came, for this exhibit. This is the street entrance to the Presidential House exhibit.  The liberty bell center is in the background.

Me inside the exhibit. 

The dining room area. Each room is supposed to have mini vignettes about several of the slaves that lived at the Presidential House in Philly. The colored panel has a significant event that happened in the house? I was kind of confused by them, I didn't exactly know the significance of the events that were on some of the glass colored panels. 

Archaeolgoical remains of the Presidential House, and the structure that was built ontop in the early 19th centruy. the Rounded portion in the upper right corner is part of a window that George Washignton added to the house. 

NPS sign about the house, gave a brief summary, and is nice because of the visual of what the house used to look like. 

Independence National Park 

The Liberty Bell!

A George Washington Statue. Fun fact this one is also on the GWU Campus. This is a fun game to play. How many George Washington statues can you find!

This is the train board at the station in Philly. It's so old school. When I was in the station I felt like I was back in 1943 or something. It was magical, and I was totally romanced. 

The train station was beautiful!

So that was my trip to Philadelphia in a nutshell. It was the first time that I had taken a trip by myself, and I survived. I was a bit nervous, but it was wonderful. I do wish I had someone with me, but that's for another time. I was able to see the exhibit, and get more source ideas for my paper!