Saturday, January 30, 2010

What A Week

I feel like this week has been a blur. I didn't have to work at my internship on Monday so I basically had a day off, but since then I've just been running around busy. I am absolutely loving my internship! It is a ton of work but the work that I am doing is so amazing, I literally feel like I'm a part of history at my internship just with the changes that are happening there. I also found out that another amazing thing will be happening at school in the next few weeks but I will wait to post about that until after it has happened. Anyways I just can't believe that I am taking the classes that I am taking.
At the moment I am taking a class called Oral History and I will have the opportunity to interview people in the area who have been veterans. My goal is to interview women which should provide a very interesting paper that I am ecstatic about! I literally am giddy about a paper and it is so strange to me. However I am taking another history class called Southern Religious History and my paper topic for that is still very unclear and I am hoping that next week I can really nail down an idea which hopefully one of the people who works at my internship will be able to give me some ideas. Although I'm not swamped yet with school work (which is amazing!) I am still incredibly busy just with classes and my jobs. But so far this school year has been interesting just there have been some downs with some of my friends just being strange and stuff and I am hoping that they will just straighten out a little bit or just get over their issues a little bit. However I am determined to just have a good semester and knit because it makes me happy. I am working on a lovely Alpaca scarf and will soon be starting the Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knitting Spring 2009. I am still waiting on my yarn to come in for that though. Sorry about the random post but this is just how my mind is working right now.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I have finished a few projects lately that I have slowly been working on over the past semester and Christmas break.
This is the Maroma Shawl from I made it for my Aunt out of Patton Merino Wool in the Denim colorway. It came out really nice and I also crocheted the first border ever around any knitted item I am really glad at how it came out. Unfortunately the color is quite off but it is a really deep denim blue.

I also made this scarf as well as a Spring Beret out of the same yarn. The scarf is called the Scrunchable scarf and it was completly charming while I was knitting it. The yarn is Caron Simply soft in plum.

I made this scarf for my roommate from last year. I even knit on it while I was at the BarlowGirl concert in Tallahasse! I love this scarf I used the Feather and Fan stitch, but it was a beast to knit it just took so long! I made it out of about 1 1/2 hanks of KnitPicks Shadow Lace in Spring Green. She loves it and it looks so good on her too!At the Barlow Girl Concert!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year New Semester

Oh man it has been a long time since I've written. Many things have happened and much has stayed the same. The Fall Semester finally ended in a whirl wind that was not as successful as I would have liked it to be. My GPA dropped but I am confident that I can raise it back up to a more successful (in my view that is) number. I spent much of my break working at the craft store so that I could make some money for my Europe trip this summer, however I as always got spendy and spent a lot of it on Christmas Presents. However I came back this semester to school and have started my internship at the St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library. I am responsible for one main project involving a reorganization of biographical photographs and also assisting with the development of a tour about the house that the library is headquartered. There are also several other projects that I will have the opportunity to be involved in which will give me a ton of experience for my future career in public history. One of the most exciting things about this internship is that this experience will be amazing for my grad school applications because as my professors have told me is that many undergrads who apply for the public history degress in grad schools do not have this kind of experience to back up their interest. So basically I'm ahead of the game which makes me really excited. I am a bit nervous about my course load and am praying for all As! That would just make my year I feel like. Well this has been an incredibly random post and I also have plans to write about my experience at Passion 2010 which was probably one of the best experiences of my life, I loved Atlanta!